Can’t decide on which is the best diary application for iPhone?

Luckily for you, we’ve picked the top apps out there to suit your diary needs!

Best diary application for iPhone



Why the switch to smartphone diaries?

We carry our smartphones with us everywhere, often feeling lost without them. Although the time we are spending in front of a screen is causing concern, we have gained major advantages in the utility and convenience available through the software.

So instead of ditching screen time altogether, replace mindless browsing and scrolling time with healthy habits that will improve your life and well-being.

We all have different reasons for keeping a diary. Whether it’s for daily recording, gratitude journaling, or achieving life goals, it’s clear that we receive many amazing benefits. (We highlight in a past post the amazing benefits of writing a diary, have a read of it here).

With that being said, more and more people are leaving their pen and paper diaries behind and opting to use diary apps on their smartphones. Not just for convenience, but also for the technological advantages that pen and paper diaries cannot provide.


Ideal features needed for diary apps:

We all have different reasons and needs for writing in a daily diary. Whether it’s for personal development or even just recording your daily life, you need an app that can make it convenient for you to return to on a daily basis.


  1. Writing:

It’s kind of obvious, but a diary app needs to be able to make the noting down of your diary entries as seamlessly and easy as possible. So whether that’s taking advantage of technology and using speech recording or even text.


  1. Media Files:

One advantage over pen and paper diaries is that we can accompany our daily recordings with easy to upload pictures, videos and life recordings at the simple click of a button!


  1. Mental Health:

There are many diary apps that are created specifically in mind for supporting mental health. With ways to track moods and review analytics over time, people can have far better support within an app than using traditional pen and paper writing.


  1. Achieving Goals:

While you can get pen and paper journals for tracking goals, having the availability of your app at any time throughout the day helps support your progress. Many goal-achieving apps have daily reminders which help to motivate you through the journey.


  1. Security:

It goes without saying that the security of a diary app can be far more efficient than traditional diary writing. Not only can you set the security with a passcode, but also fingerprint security allows your journal to remain completely private.


  1. Layout:

A great diary app allows recording to be easy for daily writing, and easy to use. Extra features should be simple to access and should overall make the writing process simpler- especially with speech to text software.


  1. Design:

Like any good app these days, we would expect a good digital journal to be well-designed, comfortable to return to on a daily basis, and capable of providing a relaxing and serene environment for recording your personal thoughts.


With all these in mind let’s look at the top diary application for iPhone.

Top ten diary apps

Day One Diary


Day One is a great all-round diary app. Not only do you get the ability to upload media, but it has a Touch ID passcode for privacy and the ability to export entries on a PDF if you need to back them up on your PC.


This app is free

It also comes with premium in-app purchase of up to £32.99 per year, which give you extras like

  • Unlimited journals.
  • 30 photos per entry. (usually 10)
  • Unlimited entries.
  • Templates.
  • Audio recording.
  • Drawing (iOS only)
  • Instagram importer.
  • Create entries with email.

Unique selling point:

We like the automatic metadata function.

This means that your location, current music you are listening to and the weather is added to each daily entry.

Whether you’ll find this information useful to look back on is for you to decide, but it almost certainly will evoke nostalgia.



Best diary application for iPhone 2020About:

Reliving has designed an easy to use life story diary app. Made in mind to preserve your memories, either to look back on or to pass onto your future family.

The diary can be used just like any normal diary of recording daily thoughts, feelings and events with the support of images, video and voice recordings, but all with the intention to be inherited by your future family.

Diary entries can also be made by mobile keyboard or the mobile voice transcription.

Reliving has also designed personal development features to support daily diary writing. The mood tracker and the goal-setting feature.

Mood Tracker: The creators of the app partnered with the research and development team at Cherish-De, the Digital Economy Research Centre at Swansea University with the aim to help support people living with mental health problems, and to be used as a tool to promote mindfulness.

On a daily basis, you’ll receive a daily reminder to track your mood by selecting from an option of 5 emoji faces to represent your feeling for the day. Then with smart analytics, you can track your mood patterns over time.


You can download Reliving for free.

The free plan gets:

  • 5GB storage
  • 500 characters /day in the journal
  • 1 family group
  • Audio recording, audio & video interview features
  • 1 family question pack containing 100 questions.

Reliving Pro is £2.99. and you get:

  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited characters
  • Unlimited families
  • Access to Reliving pro interview question packs.

Unique selling point:

What makes this different to the other apps in the list is that media can be shared among other family members if you want.

But fret not as you can select an option to make entries private from sharing with family.

With creating family life stories in mind, there is an interviewing feature to capture the life stories of your family members while still alive. The interview feature comes with a list of 100 life story questions and can be captured by either video or voice recording.

The family section links up to a Family Tree creation feature within the app – perfect for genealogists especially when sharing family tree information.




Moodnotes is considered the  “therapist replacement app”, it’s based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, known to be effective on conditions like depression.



Unique selling point:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has projected that by the year 2030, the number one cause of global disability is going to be depression. So with this in mind, Moodnotes is designed with CBT techniques adapted for mobile usage.

The designers of the app say:

“.. the app will ask you to describe your thoughts and identify thinking traps that you may have fallen into — such as catastrophising or blaming — and that may have therefore induced specific feelings. ” 




Grid Diary


Grid diary is a guided writing diary to help you get into the flow of writing something each day without worrying over writer’s block.

Engaging prompts help you dig deep and uncover new areas of appreciation in your life. You can upload media to support your entries and enrich your text with stickers.


You can download Grid Diary for free.

They also have premium features for a membership subscription each month. These include:

  • Device syncing
  • Passcode lock
  • Colour themes
  • And future member-only features to come

Unique selling point:

The design sets this app apart from the others. The features are all in a grid format, for a stylish style of diary writing. You can even personalise your templates for a gratitude journal, goal tracker, and your weekly planner.

The premium subscription also allows you to export your posts to Dropbox and Evernote.



Diaro is a great diary app.

You can add media files to your diary entries, along with adding your location. The app also syncs with the browser version.


This app is free but comes with ads. But you can purchase the app for £4.59 to get rid of the ads.

Unique selling point:

This app also has a search feature which you can easily find entries by date, location and tags. You can even organise entities by choosing your own folders.

It’s a great app for those who like to work with a wide variety of visuals as there is an unlimited amount of photos you can upload with entries.



Journey is a motivational coach and happiness trainer diary. You get inspirational and uplifting prompts every day to boost mood and set your mind in the right place for the day. Its also password protected with Touch ID, Face ID, or PIN-protected.


Free or £3.99 monthly fee to access more features such as access the app on multiple platforms.

Unique selling point:

You can create your diary entry from an email. You can also connect to social media via Zapier.

We also like the fact that it sends automatic backups to your Google Drive.




If you want to record your daily entries but don’t like to write then this is the app for you.

The whole interface is actionable buttons to quickly make a note of your day, with the option of adding notes if you need.

You can record your daily moods, activities, events and more, then compile all the data together in a statistical report to discover patterns that tell you more about yourself.

Based on this data it should help prompt and support you to make changes to improve your life and understand your habits better.



But you can upgrade to a monthly subscription Daylio Premium, which removes all ads, you can choose from unlimited moods, set infinite reminders and export all entries for £5.00.

Unique selling point:

We like the easy to select activity feature, where you simply select a button from the list of activities to show what you’ve been up to. It’s also a great app to use for goal tracking. However, you can’t upload any pictures and the notes to write how you feel each day has a limit of characters.


Five Minute Journal


If you want to keep a diary but don’t have the time for it, then Five Minute Journal may be the solution for your problems. It’s designed to write your daily entries in a fast and efficient way.


Unlike all the other apps there is no free version of the app, this is straight in at £4.99.

Unique selling point:

The app asks you three questions a morning designed to instil gratitude, set a purpose for your day, and create empowering beliefs. Starting your morning off on the right foot to make your day go by smoother.

You then end the day with reflection, answering two night-time questions to be grateful for events that happened in the day. Realigning your focus and maintaining happiness. With a new year and a new you, make the right start to your diary journey with apps that will guide you through the day.



Penzu is a really good diary app for those who like to write a lot. The design is similar to a WordPress blog post or even writing in Microsoft Word, where you get a text formatting toolbar. But it compiles all your entries in the form of a private date journal with a secure passcode.


Free, with a £14.99 subscription or pay £18.99 for a pro subscription with extra security features and tagging to find old blog entries easier.

Unique selling point:

You get custom email reminders to record a diary entry. It also sends reminders of past diary entries to get you reminiscing and reliving those past memories. We also really like the timeline photo features, which allow you to see a photographic timeline view of all your daily photos in one place.




Thanks for reading our list of the best diary application for iPhone. We hope you have found a diary app to suit you!