Those who have spent the time to research, document and build their family tree more often than not, have not shared it with their close family & friends. Furthermore, most just hold words. Reliving wants to enrich your trees, engage your family and celebrate your loved ones in a more vibrant way!

Reliving gives you the option of building your tree from scratch! Add your parents, spouse and children, person by person. This may take longer but we’re sure you’ll find it super easy and fun along the way. Alternatively, for those who have already built their tree, simply export and import into Reliving.


Invite your family into your time capsule and allocate them space on the tree. When they update profile information, you’ll see it on their tree profile too! Likewise, when that person passes away, their life story is digitally inherited to everyone within the capsule. Wouldn’t it be amazing to go back generations and understand one’s exact thoughts, feelings, emotions and how they lived their life?

Safe and secure, forever. Keep your family tree safe within your time capsule forever, even if you cancel your subscription.

We are your central family media hub. Upload, share and favourite your more precious memories and media. We support almost all file types – such as JPEG, JFIF, Exif, GIF, PNG, SVG, .mov , .mp4 , .webm , .ogg , .mp3 , .wav , .ogg , .mpeg

Once you have uploaded your media, you can start tagging your family. The media, whether its audio, photos and videos, will be allocated to each family members profile.