In this post, we will discover the most interesting DNA stories from genetic testing.


Finding out about your DNA is always going to be an exciting reveal for you.

Not only can you find out about your medical background, but you can also gain insight into your genetic ethnicity and even finding relatives through DNA linking.

For some, their DNA results have not only shocked them to the core, but it has changed their lives forever!

With over 26 million people who have taken an at-home DNA test, we are bound to see some stories that will be totally unexpected. Read on to see what these interesting DNA stories reveal.


From Rags to Riches! The story of a man living on a council estate inherits £50 million after proving he is the heir to an aristocrats’ estate.


Left: Jordan Rogers, Right: Charles Rogers

Looking on from his council estate house, and care-working profession, a 31-year-old man tries for over a decade to prove he is the son to millionaire, aristocrat Charles Rogers. While struggling to make ends meet for years, this DNA result has drastically changed Jordan Adlard Rogers life.

When alive, Charles Rogers refused to take a DNA test requested by Jordan Rogers. But after Charles took his own life, and with the death of Charles’ mother -just two weeks apart, Jordan could finally get a DNA test to be carried out.

While it’s a sad event that Jordan could never get confirmation when his father was alive, the inheritance has changed his Jordan’s family life drastically. Now he is the immensely proud owner of the 1,536-acre National Trust Penrose Estate.

Jordan has decided to pass on his fortune by setting up a charity helping the Porthleven and Helston communities.


You can read more about the story here.



How genetic testing saved a woman’s life!


With DNA tests you never really expect to hear the very worst results you can discover. But for this woman, it was lucky she did. Colleen Monfross’s genetic DNA results revealed to her health problems that would have potentially got her killed had she not found out as early as she did.


She was persuaded by her doctor to take a genetic test after finding out her mother and brother were both diagnosed with cancer. A month later, Colleen’s results were in and they were life-shattering to hear. She had discovered that she had positively tested for two of the most predictive genes of cancer. What was most surprising to her was that no one in her family knew of this genetic history.


While living a very healthy life, and being considered a low-risk person for these two types of cancer, the news shocked her and her doctors to the core. Her results showed a high incidence not only of breast cancer, but also pancreatic, colon and ovarian cancers.


After making a tough decision to remove her ovaries, uterus, and fallopian tubes she eliminated five of the possible cancers in one sweep. While still being a high-risk patient for ocular and skin melanoma and breast cancer, Colleen now has regular checks and tests to make sure she is cancer-free.


This is all thanks to being proactive and taking a genetic test!


You can read more about this life-saving story here.



DNA Testing leads to a woman finding out she has a twin sister!


She got to 33 years old before she found out she had lived her entire life absent from her lost twin sister.

Katey Bennett was adopted from a South Korean orphanage by Americans who took her to live a new life in California.

She always had a mysterious hunch that she may have had a twin sister, so decided to take a home DNA test, which revealed she had one direct relative that had taken the same test. You guessed it, it was her identical twin sister. Along with the heart-warming surprise, the test also gave her the name and contact details of her twin sister Amanda Dunford- who had taken the same test from 23andMe four years earlier.

Amanda had grown up knowing she had a twin somewhere in the world. She had been told by her adopted American parents that as a baby she was living in the home of a South Korean street vendor, who kept her tethered to a pole. The Korean vendor told the Americans that Amanda has a twin sister who was already adopted.

The happy reunion has not only given Katey a twin sister to get to know, but a nephew too. As Amanda has a 6-year-old son.

You can read more about this wonderful story here.


While all these stories so far have been wonderful revelations, it isn’t always rainbows and butterflies with DNA results. Prepare to be more than shocked for this next story…


DNA home test regrets, as woman finds out her husband is her first cousin.


What started out as a fun birthday gift for her husband, resulted in turning this marriage upside–down.

After waiting for the results to come back from a home DNA test, a married couple from the UK certainly did not expect that they would find a DNA match. Especially a match that revealed they were first cousins!

The news was not only a world-shattering blow to the couple, but it had also revealed that one of the husband’s parents had been unfaithful in their own marriage of 30 years. With the woman suspecting that her father-in-law must have cheated on his wife.

The woman who had not revealed her identity, came out with her story to look for anonymous relationship advice. She cannot take this news to the rest of her family, for fear of causing further marriage problems among her husband’s parents.

But as expected, the revelation has had serious consequences on their own marriage. The couple have been sleeping separately since they found out, and her husband refuses to talk to her. Something that their 2-year-old child is picking up on.

The advice to the woman was to seek marriage counselling and not to have any more DNA tests. Something that now is too little too late.

This DNA test tragically ended up turning her life upside down.

Find out more about this shocking story here.


DNA match helps lock away the “Golden State Killer” – a former policeman who had committed many rape and murder crimes 40 years ago.


In 2018, one of the world’s most famous cases of genetic testing used in crime investigation came to light for the public. This case revealed that police were able to successfully identify a prolific unsolved murderer from 40 years ago through his DNA. The suspect, an ex-police officer Joseph James DeAngelo Jr, was now in his seventies was taken down for more than 50 rapes and 12 murder cases between 1974 and 1986. Most spine shuddering of all, he worked on this case for a six-year period when in the force.

The arrest based on DNA evidence has created a public outcry, with many feeling their privacy is under threat. The investigators who discovered DeAngelo was behind the crimes are criticised for unethical means of investigation. As they needed to submit a false identity to the DNA submitted to GEDmatch genetic database. The DNA was obtained from the crime scene from 1978.

The database GEDmatch holds genetic results on people which is voluntarily shared and publically available. But this case did raise the concerns, does there need to be protection for an individual’s privacy and for there to be protection against police using their DNA to investigate crimes without content? Could cases like this mean the end of DNA privacy?

To curb the public’s cries for data protection, CEO of GEDmatch made the decision to allow this kind of police use, but they inform all users of genetic testing of the public risks prior to taking the test.

To find out more about this controversial topic, you can read the full story here.


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