Personal development is about becoming the best version of yourself. It’s important to be your best in every situation that life puts you in – even more so in the current world. People that constantly push themselves will always feel more positive, even when they may not reach their goal they’ll feel a sense of achievement. Personal development is the stepping stone to a better, more fulfilled life.

There are many reasons why it is important to write a daily journal. These will differ from person to person, however, here’s a list of our top reasons:

  1. Express your feelings to relieve stress. Sometimes, stress is the consequence of too much going on. Feelings build up and your mind runs wild. It’s important to let these feelings out – even if it’s only in your private journal!
  2. Organise your thoughts. Once in a while, it’s important to spend time organising your thoughts. Silence…no interruptions, just you and your imagination. The benefits are endless.
  3. To understand, set and achieve your goals. Many people do not achieve their goals because they lack the understanding of what is required to be done day-by-day. Most lifetime ambitions can not be achieved over-night; they require discipline, consistency and drive. Reliving helps you to first, understand what you want to achieve, then helps you break it down by year, month, week and day. It’s the consistent, small things you do that’ll make the difference in the long-run!
  4. Recording your life experiences on-the-go. You can easily do this through our IOS or Android apps!
  5. Looking back to reflect on past experiences (self-reflect). Self-reflection is a great way to understand your past, mistakes and successes. Your future will be a lot easier if you remember & learn from your past. We say – you’re only winning or learning!!
  6. To improve your writing. Whether you’re writing a novel or about your daily experiences – the more you write, the better you get!
  7. Writing, reading and reflecting will help your memory. There are many studies that prove writing, reading and reflecting help trigger memories and therefore improves your short and long-term memory.
  8. And finally…..Boost creativity, inspire new ideas and interests. Who knows what you can achieve when you start to write about your life? Try for FREE now…

Reliving has a simple way of helping you visually understand your emotion trend over-time. Each day Reliving will ask how you’re feeling. Your emotion is then attached to the day and trend statistics can be provided over-time! Not just that, many of our users love being able to go back and understand exactly how they were feeling on a particular day or event.

You will never have all the answers in life. However, there’s for sure, someone out there that does!

Reliving has pre-loaded our mobile application with 100 questions to get a conversation started. It’s important to ‘Just Say Hello’. We want to encourage people to speak with their loved ones, friends and colleagues, to understand their life story. We hope these conversations lead to something more meaningful where you learn and develop from their experiences.

Self-awareness, Sense of direction, Improved Focus and Motivation is what you’ll get by using your Reliving journal.