It’s a new day and a new you, all you need is a food diary for Slimming World to keep you on your goal.

In this post, we are going to look at all the best health and food diary apps that compliment the Slimming World diet.


Why Slimming World?

Slimming World is the most popular diet and health management organisation in the UK. Millions of people each year eat healthier and exercise more while sticking to this health plan. But in order to stick to this diet plan effectively, it’s really important to use an effective food diary, alongside supportive networks, exercise routines and meal trackers.


Why use food diaries?

Ever see the incredible before and after pictures of someone who has lost so much weight they have completely transformed into a new person?

We see these stories all the time, we may even know someone personally. While you look at them with amazement you may also wish you could do the same.

Well, you can!

These stories are real, and they all have one thing in common- consistency and motivation.


Using a food diary to lose weight is one of the most effective ways to get the same transformative results.

Health experts say that people who keep track of their diets by using a food diary are more successful in losing weight and keeping it off.  They also suggest that the longer you keep a food diary the faster you can lose the weight.

But having a consistent daily routine and the motivation to keep to your health and exercise goals is the most difficult part. Fortunately, you can use a food diary app to motivate and keep you on track to your goals.


Let’s look at the best complementary apps to support your food diary for Slimming World 


1. Best app for tracking nutrition: My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal works well with the Slimming World diet as you can use the calorie counter feature as a ‘syn’ calculator when using the 20kcal= 1 syn rule for treats. It’s a great app for finding out the nutrition value of many foods- especially when you’re eating out but want to stick to your diet plan.

Tracking nutrition:

This app makes it super easy for you to track the nutrition value too with an easy barcode scanner. Even though many food diary apps are catered for the American market, MyFitnessPal is so large now that it has all the major UK supermarkets and restaurants too.

Find it here: Myfitnesspal iOS and Android.



2. The best food diary for diabetes: Fooducate

If you have other health problems such as diabetes it can be even more challenging to stick to a diet that works well for you. Combining an app such as Fooducate with the Slimming World programme can help you stick better to a healthy food diary for diabetes.

Knowledge of food:

The goal of the app is to educate you about the foods you’re buying at the supermarket. With a barcode scanner, Fooducate can instantly tell you the pros and cons of the product enabling you to choose the most suitable option for you.

This is especially helpful for avoiding products with GMO’s and excess sugars. This is why it’s a great app for managing your diabetes.

Food diary diabetes:

You can keep a track each day of the food and drinks consumed. Enabling you to keep a healthy food diary of your everyday eating and drinking habits.

Get it free here:  iOS and Android.




3. Best app for Food Diary Pregnancy: Pregnancy Diet

Food diary pregnancyFood recommendations for pregnancy:

There are so many rules around what you can and can’t eat during your pregnancy it can be super hard to stay on track. Your usual Slimming World recipes may have to be tweaked to suit your growing baby.


The Pregnancy Diet app doesn’t just tell you what you’re allowed and not allowed to consume, but allows you to monitor your diet, ask questions regarding your diet, and suggests nutritious food that will help support your baby develop well.

Get it here: Android and iOS 



4. Best app for visual motivation: Modelmydiet

Visualisation incentive to lose weight:

We’ve talked about how looking at images of your progress can help motivate you to lose weight. But what if you’re at the starting point? Model My Diet enables you to visualise how you will look at your target weight for when you’re just starting out on your weight loss journey.

Model My Diet uses a virtual model that is based on thousands of full 3D body scans, providing a somewhat realistic visual representation of what you can really look like in comparison to other virtual apps.

However- it’s still a virtual model. But you can customise the avatar to have the same colour hair, facial features, bust size, eye colour and dress sense as you to make you more familiar with it.

Tracking Weight:

The virtual avatar may not suit everyone, but there are extra features aside from the virtual avatar to help you achieve your diet goals. You can also track your weight on a routine basis and track your BMI where you can track your progress with smart analytics.

Get it here: Model my diet on iOS.


5. Best app for visually seeing your consumed food in a day: See How You Eat

See what you consume:

Tv shows have used visual food techniques to drastically show heavy eaters or undereaters what they consume in a single day.  Sometimes the results are shocking and even embarrassing.

Looking at the visual evidence of how much you eat in a day can make a huge impact on achieving your desired weight goals.

With the app See How You Eat you can upload daily images of each meal. Then at a glance see all the meals you have eaten in one day. Over time the habits created by using this app encourage you to make healthier choices.

Meal reminders:

The app also focuses on sending you reminders of when to eat. Studies have shown that eating smaller regular meals can help you feel more energetic throughout the day.

Get it for free here: available on iOS and Android


6. Best app for Keeping Hydrated: Water Minder App

food diary app freeDo you drink enough water? There are so many health benefits to drinking water. Aside from losing weight, drinking water improves hair, skin and nail conditions too.

Drinking water:

Consuming enough water in a day is crucial to achieving your ideal weight goals. The majority of people will vastly under drink every day.

Many people will mistake their thirst craving as hunger cravings, therefore eating more when really they need to be drinking more. Major diets such as Slimming World encourage the proper amount of water intake for a successful weight loss. This not only eliminates excessive eating but also hydrates your body properly.


Water minder app not only tells you how much water you should drink, but it sends routine notifications to remind you to drink. This is especially helpful if you’re busy at work all day getting distracted.

Get it here: iOS


7. The best app for tracking diet diary emotional journey: Reliving

Reliving is a multi-use app. Originally created for tracking your life story it has bundles of extra features that include a fantastic diary that’s perfectly suited as a food diary app

Emotion tracker:

Are you an emotional eater? Each day you can monitor your daily mood, and over time, you can use smart analytics to see if there are patterns between your moods and bad eating habits.

Upload images:

Visual goal targets can make a huge difference in your motivation. Seeing your successful weight and body image progress over time can be a huge motivation to continue with the progress.

Family Group sharing:

One of the huge reasons why Slimming World is a success is due to the social element of the programme. Having visibility among others by sharing eating patterns, weight loss, and meal plans give the extra motivation, encouragement and support to keep to a consistent routine. Your daily diary on the Reliving app can be shared with family members, so each of you can have access to photos and meal plans. You can choose to keep some of your written entries private too.

You can use the daily image and video uploader to share photos of meals with ‘family members’.

Journaling feature:

You also have a notebook feature to record thoughts, feelings and meals on a daily basis. Research has shown, recording what you eat each day can help motivate you to lose weight.

Get it free here: Android and iOS.


8.  Best food diary for allergies app: Allergy Reality

Made by Mums for Mums:

This is a great food diary app not just for people with allergies but also as a food diary for children. It was created by two mothers with children with food allergies.

With children in mind:

The app aims to raise awareness for children and adults by using interactive, fun and educational games on specific food allergies.

Games include puzzles, wordplay scramblers, matching games and deciphering food labels.

Help with recipes:

It can be hard to cook for the family if one of your family members has dietary requirements and others do not. So instead of resorting to cooking two separate meals to accommodate everyone, Allergy Reality inspires mothers to make meals for allergies that are tasty and healthy for everyone to enjoy.

Get it here free: Android and iOS.


9. Best food diary app for IBS: Cara

Do you need a food diary for IBS?

Tracking what you should and shouldn’t eat can take a long while to work out. Especially as it’s different for different people. By keeping a food diary you can slowly over time eliminate the foods that don’t agree with you. Cara is an app designed for you to track what you eat alongside your toilet habits. – Which they call the ‘poop tracker’.

The app allows you to understand the connection between your gut, mind, stresses, bowel habits, stomach pains and overall well being. It’s a great way to identify what can cause your IBS to flare up.

Get it here: iOS


10. Best app for diet plan shopping list: Out of Milk

Ever get to the end of the week and realise you’ve wasted a bunch of fresh food items? Out of Milk is a great way to manage your shopping list so you can plan within a diet plan and within a budget.

Many people on Slimming World like to combine this app with the Slimming World app as you can share shopping lists with others.

Categorise and organise:

Make your weekly or bi weekly food shopping easier and more organised with the add from history features to re-order the same past items. There is even a barcode scanner to easily identify your usual products and tally your price up perfectly within your budgets.

Get it here: Out of Milk


Good luck!

Experts recommend keeping food diaries for weight loss, as it not only can double your weight loss but also ensure you make smarter food choices increasing in your fruit and vegetable intake and reducing your portion sizes.

We hope the above food diary apps can help you with your food diary for weight loss journey. If you’ve experienced successful weight loss with the support of any of the listed apps let us know!