1. Take Control and ensure your family know your personal story, from your point of view. Define your own legacy.
  2. Social Media platforms paint an unwanted picture. Don’t let unwanted memories define who you really are.
  3. Share your life stories for future generations to learn and develop from.
  4. Leave more than just photographs behind. Leave your beliefs, ambitions, professions, your voice, videos and emotions. Let future generations really know who you were.
  5. Reminisce. There’s proven healing powers and emotional benefits to reviewing happy memories.
  6. Family history. Ensure your children and children’s’ children know where you and your family have come from.
  7. Engage younger generations. It is now possible to create a more engaging biography, with the use of videos, text, photos, voice recordings, geo-tagging and AR technology.
  8. Final words. Leave behind your personal advice and thoughts to individual family members.
  9. Personal development. Realise where you’ve been, what you’ve achieved and what you’d like to achieve. Reach your goals and leave a richer legacy.
  10. Leaving too soon. If God forbid – you passed away sooner than expected, have you left behind your true thoughts and feelings? Have you told particular people things you wished you had told before? Are your family provided and supported for?

Create and save your legacy, now.