Are you looking for a diary app for your mobile? Read on to see the top 10 diary apps for iPhone or Android.


1. Day One Diary

Day One is the best app for automatically uploading your day by day activities.

This is because the app comes with an automatic metadata function which tracks the weather, your location and your music listened to that day that gets added when you create your diary entry.


2. MoodNotes

The best app for tracking your emotional well-being. Moodnotes tracks your emotional daily vibrations by asking prompting questions that encourage you to talk about your feelings with CBT techniques.


3. Grid Diary

The best app for discovering your inner creative writer.

The app asks you daily questions to uncover new ideas and dig deeper with your thoughts.


4. Diaro

The best app for organising and revisiting your entries.

The app has an inbuilt search feature that you can find entries faster and easier with tags, locations and dates. You can even categorise your entries into your own folders if you don’t like the traditional date organisation.


5. Journey

The best app for boosting your happiness.

Journey is best described as happiness and uplifting app, with daily prompts, inspirational quotes and reminders to boost your mood and set you back on track for your goals.


6. Daylio

The best app for people who don’t like to write.

You can create a bunch of daily entries by selecting the icons that best fit your day. For example, if you went to the movies you can hit the movies tab and just enter in the name of the movie manually.


7. Reliving 

The best diary app for creating a life story to be inherited by your family.

Whether using voice notes, images, video or typed daily entries you can create your direct life story on the app and pass it onto your family to inherit and save your life story to the family tree research. You can also create a family tree from the app with an interview section to record life stories of others.

8. Five Minute Journal

The diary app for quick entries for your busy life. The app is designed with questions for each day that only takes 5 minutes to answer. Perfect if you want a daily diary but don’t have the time to write for long.


9. Penzu

The best diary app for people who like to write long daily entries.

If you don’t like to skip a beat then Penzu could be the detailed diary app that you’re looking for.

It’s similar to writing in Microsoft Word so has a familiarity to it to make daily writing easier.


10. Luci

The best diary app for tracking sleep

Luci is a great dream journal that records your sleep patterns and even catches you talking in your sleep! It’s best used for you to scribble down your dreams that you remember first thing in the morning. It even has a scribble pad.


We hope this list of our top 10 diary apps was useful to you. For a more detailed description of these apps see our post here.