Are you and your family looking at ways you can incorporate family history LDS ideas into your usual routines and lifestyle?


In this post, we will look at different family history activities for LDS members that are easy and fun to do. Let’s take a look.


1. Record and present personal or momentous achievements and events

Get the whole family involved! A great activity for a family home evening. All family members should make a note and present their most momentous achievements and events that have made a big difference in their lives and why.


A great way to record events for recording the family’s life story. Your life story is a great source of inspiration and connection to your future family who will inherit it. We share more about this topic in another of our blog posts here.


2. Write in a personal journal

Take control of what you leave behind in this life and decide the most important thoughts and feelings that should be left to your future family and enrich the bonds you have to them.


3. Manage and store inherited family records properly

Inheriting family documents and memorabilia is a blessing. Take the time to properly sort and organise through them so they can be added to easily by your research and left in an organisation and easy to manage state for the family you’ll pass them on to.


We talk more about the storage and organisation of inherited family history documents in another post of ours here: How to store family history documents.


4. Sharing family stories

Family stories stay with us forever. Especially when told to us as children. Stories of courage, strength, love, gratitude and so much more can shape and influence us in many ways- especially when associated with our bloodlines.

Sharing family stories are a wonderful way to deepen bonds to family members and think about our family history.


5. Record your family tree

Whether you use an app or following on from an inherited family tree, it’s never too late to add to or even begin your family tree research.


You’ll discover amazing things about your lineage and bloodlines the deeper you get into it.


6. Use a digital family tree builder

A digital tree builder can not only inspire other family members but also motivate them to research their family tree with a family sharing feature. The data captured can be shown across users who have profiles on the app.

You can add images, voice recordings and documents to a digital family tree app to have as much detail as possible alongside an ancestor profile.

The Reliving app has a family sharing feature that you can find out more about here.


7.  Record your loved one while they are still alive

It sounds morbid, but our families won’t always be there.

So while you can, record all living elderly family members in a ‘life story’ interview. You’ll capture their voice, memories, appearance, mannerisms and stories so they can live on through your family history documentation.


8. Join family history networks

There are many family history clubs and networks you can join to expand on your family history knowledge and researching skills. Get tips on what to do when you’ve got stuck down the rabbit hole of a family line, or where to look for emigrated family members.


9. Create a family history recipe

A great way to dig into your family history can be to use the records passed onto you by your ancestors. This can be from playing music notes, reading diaries or even cooking old family recipes. Taking part in these special ‘family remembrance’ activities are great for influencing children to get involved and even connecting to our ancestor on a personal level.


10. Refer to genealogical records

Whenever you hit a wall or feel no progress is being made on your family history research, referring to public genealogical records can easily get you out of your rut. You can search old newspapers for little extra clues or even parish records.

The staff in these places are there to help give you a hand if you’re struggling to find or read anything.