If you’re just beginning your family tree journey or simply looking for technology to better support your research, then using a family tree app can transform your journey.

Keeping a digital record of your family tree has many advantages.

Not only can you access and update your family tree anytime on your mobile, but a digital copy can easily pass onto your family when you’ve gone without the worry of paper damage or getting lost.

Family tree features you may need

Genealogy research has many different and interesting aspects that can be helpful to your documentation.

You may be keeping your ancestry research simple by sticking to name, date of birth, marriage and death. Or you may wish to include each person’s life story. There is no right or wrong way to trace your heritage. But to help you decide your research journey we’ve listed some features that you’ll need from family tree apps:

  • Multiple tree building
  • Attaching documents
  • Attaching images, video recordings
  • Attaching life story interviews
  • Sharing with family
  • Sync across multiple platforms e.g desktop and mobile
  • Finding the location of birth
  • Calculating birth dates
  • Updating profiles on the deceased
  • Finding or storing DNA results
  • Researching genealogical records and data

1.      Ancestry

The app for researching genealogical records.

Ancestry is one of the most popular apps used for a family tree.

Ancestry mobile App

Ancestry mobile App

2.      Find a Grave

The app for finding and uploading information on gravestones.

We love that you can add personal details to someone’s gravestone profile so that their life story is not lost.

3.      FamilySearch Mobile Tree

The app for discovering relatives near you.

Maybe you’ll find a relative you never knew!

4.   MyHeritage

The app for sharing family trees.

Being able to have a family update and add data to a family tree shares the stress of one collecting and recording data alone.


MyHeritage App family tree app

MyHeritage App

5.      Heredis

The app for calculating birth dates from birth certificates using Gregorian, Julian, Republican and Hebrew calendars.

A unique but helpful tool for genealogists who have traced their lines back far in time.

6.      Genealogical trees of families

The app for storing DNA data on family members.

Finding your ancestral DNA is one of the more interesting aspects of tracing your lineage.

7.      Find my past

The app for profile building for individual ancestors, where you can add their personal life story, photos and documentation.


Find My Past family tree app

Find My Past App

8.      Quick family tree

The app for making multiple family trees.

A limited but useful app for genealogists tracing many of their ancestral lines.

9.      Kinsmap

The app for allowing you to see where your ancestors migrated from overtime, through an interactive map.

10.  Reliving

The app for family tree interview recording.

Reliving has an in-built interview feature that allows you to choose from a list of over 100 questions to enable you to interview with ease.

Each question pops up on the screen as you’re recording to allow natural flow to your interview.

Interviews can be easily attached alongside members in your family tree, along with other media files and documents.


Reliving Family Tree App

Reliving App


Good luck genealogists!

For more information on finding the perfect family tree app for you see our post Apps for Family Tree, where you can see pricing, more features and which devices they are available on.

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