In this blog post, we have listed the top 10 food diary apps for keeping healthy and sticking to your diet plans. 

For more information on each of these food diary apps, see our blog post on Popular food diary for Slimming World Apps.


1. My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a great app for tracking your nutrition and staying within your calorie limit for the day. 

2. Fooducate

Fooducate is a food diary app designed to educate people about the food they’re consuming. It’s a great app in particular for people with health problems and need to be extra mindful about the types of food they eat. 

It comes with a barcode scanner that allows you to simply scan your food at the supermarket to get the pros and cons of the product. 



3. Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy diet is a great app for women who want easy access to information on the food they can and cannot consume whilst pregnant. You can even monitor your diet and receive suggestions on healthy food to consume to help the baby grow.


4. Modelmydiet

ModelMyDiet allows you to visualise how you will look with weight loss to give you an incentive. Just pop in your ideal weight and customise your avatar from a list of thousands of options to best suit you. 

5. See How You Eat

With the See How You Eat app you can have a visual of all the food you have consumed in one day by uploading images of each meal and snack you eat. This can help you recognise healthy or poor eating habits much easier. Which can help you make smarter and healthier choices on your meals throughout the day. 

6. Water Minder App

The Water Minder App allows you to keep on top of your water consumption with notifications, making sure you reach your daily target of staying hydrated. Often when you are thirsty you can mistake it for being hungry and overeating instead of drinking. 

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7. Reliving

The Relivign app has an in-built daily emotion tracker that allows you to simply acknowledge and select the emotion you feel each day. Next to the emotion tracker, you can input your food consumed that day. 

Over time, you can use the apps smart analytics to find links between poor diet and your emotional states each day. This can help you eliminate foods that have a particularly negative effect on your emotional health. 

Reliving is a multi-use app. Originally created for tracking your life story it has bundles of extra features that include a fantastic diary that’s perfectly suited as a food diary app

8. Allergy Reality

Allergy Reality is an app designed by mums for mums when preparing meals for the whole family. If one family member suffers from allergies there is a huge list of recipes that everyone in the family can enjoy together. The app is also targeted to educate families on food allergies with interactive games and puzzles. 


9. Cara

Cara is a food diary app designed for people with IBS using a feature called the ‘poop tracker’. Over time you can identify and isolate the different foods that can make your IBS flare-up.  


10. Out of Milk

Out of milk is designed to make sure you don’t waste any fresh food in your weekly or bi-weekly food shops. The app allows you to not only manage a shopping list but also stick to a food diet plan with no waste and stay within a budget.