Why should you record your life story?

In this quick blog post, we highlight our top 10 reasons why you should record your life story. Let’s take a look!

1.   Record your family history for future generations to look back on.

Imagine discovering through your family history research an ancestor who has left behind a detailed life story, where they reveal intimate details which give you a true and accurate reflection on their life, the culture they live in and their personality with hardships and achievements.

Even just having a different perspective of how someone from a past time lived their life. Only 2 generations ago our grandparents grew up without hot water, fridges, TV, vacuum cleaners, cars and so much more- all the things we now take for granted. Imagine how different your life today may look to another 2 generations in the future from now?


2.   Take the driving seat in ensuring what gets remembered about you.

I know my grandparents well, but after talking to them recently about their childhoods, their hopes, aspirations, early careers and married life I soon realised that I only know them from the perspective of a grandchild. If you don’t take control of your own life story there will be so many details in your life that won’t be carried on.


3.   Leave intimate details of your life.

It may not seem important to you now, but to your future family your advice, thoughts and beliefs may be precious and treasured.

Record things that don’t tend to get passed on such as problems you’ve overcome, life lessons learnt and your favourite moments. Someone in your future family may look at this and feel motivated or inspired by your story to overcome their own struggle.

There have been many stories of people discovering stories of their ancestors and relating immensely, enabling them to draw inspiration for their own lives and for their own struggles.

What you have learnt in this life is important, it’s important to pass on this knowledge.


4.   Put in focus your life goals and what’s important for you to achieve.

Recording your life story forces you to review your own life and think proactively about what you want to leave behind. It will make you face the goals that you want from this life and put them into action.


5.   Bridge the intergenerational gap.

Using technology such as a dedicated life story app to record your life story you can encourage and interest the younger generation to write their life story and take an interest in genealogy.


6.   Family home evening activity.

Recording your life story can be introduced as a nice family home evening activity to do together. Together as a family, you can decide together the most important events in your lives that you want to be remembered for future generations to come.


7.   Record your life story to help family and carers care for you in the future in case of developing dementia.

This is a difficult concept for people to accept, but many people in the supporting dementia field are all shouting about the importance of knowing the person’s life story. Intimate details of your younger life can be essential tools to enable communication when your memory starts to go. We have so many examples of this in this blog post here: The relevance of memory studies to Reminiscence activities.


8.   A great way to write a daily diary.

You’re writing your daily diary, but with a deeper purpose! As we’ve mentioned there are so many important benefits to writing in a diary which you can read all about here: Benefits of Writing a Journal.


9.   Heal yourself with reminiscing over your own stories, studies show reflecting on happy memories boosts happiness.

There have been many studies that show the healing benefits to the self when facing your past and overcoming traumatic memories.


10.  Leave personal messages to individual family members so they have your thoughts to discover after you’re gone.

You may not like to think about it, but one day you’ll be gone and you’ll leave behind many people you love and care about. Leave them your personal thoughts and feelings so they can cherish.